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Rare Red Amber Chiapas, Mexico

The farmers excavate the steep hills in northern Chiapas until they find a layer of coal that contains "el corazon de ambar", for which they perforate holes into the "heart of the amber" by where they enter crawling into the dark tunnels with very little room to move. While older mines have greater access allowing the ambareros to enter walking for maybe thirty to forty meters The 'ambareros' (amber miners) work on their knees, or seated and sometimes lying on the ground in total darkness, illuminating themselves by the simple light of a candle. Most of the ambareros that live in the community near the mines, take advantage of the intervals between the harvest season and seeding time (from January to May) to dedicate themselves to the extraction of amber with hopes of improving their economic situation for them and their families.

The Ambarero's tools consist mainly of picks, shovels and chisels to look for the rare fossil amber resin. The work of the ambarero is a male dominated position, but sometimes the children participate along with their parents in the collecting and polishing of the amber. The families who do the mining are very wary of strangers and do not always sell to anybody that asks for the amber. It is a very traditional and spiritual stone for the indigenous people of Chiapas and they don't plan to let the government or foreigners exploit the stone anytime soon.

Rare red fossil amber from Chiapas
Rare Green Fossil Amber - Chiapas, Mexico
Chiapas Amber Brandy Cabochon
Chiapas Honey Amber with Flora
Rare Red Chiapas Amber
Polished 'Old Stock'

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Green Chiapas Fossil
Amber Polished 'Old Stock'

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Brandy Chiapas Amber
Cabochon 'Old Stock'

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Fossil Amber Polished Specimen with Flora
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Honey Amber Rough Chiapas
Chiapas Honey Amber Fossil Rough
Large Chiapas Fossil Amber Rough
Heavy Chiapas Fossil Amber
Chiapas Fossil
Amber Chunk

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Fossil Amber Rough
Prehispanic Specimen

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Mexican Fossil
Amber Specimen

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Museum Quality
Amber Rough
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2003 - 2010


Chunk of Chiapas Honey Amber

Honey Amber
Raw Chunk

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Honeycombed Chiapas Honey Amber

Mexico Fossil Amber
Polished Rough

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All of our specimens were mined before 2011. Since then prices have skyrocketed and all the good quality amber is  now sold exclusively to wealthy Chinese businesses by Narcos who have taken control of the mines in Chiapas the past few years.

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Since 2014, Chiapas Amber prices have taken a dramatic rise. Drug Cartels have taking over the mines and are charging farmers (miners) a percentage to mine and sell their own amber. The Mexican Government turns a blind eye to this corruption, as is the culture of our country. Prices are expected to continue to rise in 2015. Any new Amber specimens we purchase will face a stiff price increase of at least 45%, depending on our bargaining power and quality available.


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